The natural world and our place within it lie at the centre of Katy Oxborrow's art. Drawn to ancient sites, where history merges with myth and nature, to the edge where land and sea converge, she walks, explores and researches her surroundings, before painting to reveal her physical and emotional connection to it. By combining natural materials, layering, removing and mark making, she creates a personal response to the landscape and our interactions with it. Particular places of influence include the South East coast where she lives, as well as the rugged and wild landscape of the West Country.

Katy's primary alliance lies with the medium of painting in all its variety. Her work is rich in texture and mark-making, and portrays a sense of absence of human life and wistful isolation. Drawn from a wide range of visual sources, her versatile approach allows the subject matter to guide her process and choice of materials. These include acrylic, oil, wax, collage, organic matter and relief work on canvas, aluminium, perspex and wood.

'The natural world and our place within it

lie at the centre of my art.'